7.30pm  - The Main Stage

Reborn from the ashes of a lost musician, Florian is a femme-machine with an Australian accent, pink hair and dance moves for days. This disco diva dives into the Golden Oldies for a night of long-lost favourites, original tunes and 80’s throw backs.

Florian’s touch is unapologetically pop with soaring vocals and evocative melodies infused with vibe. Enchanted by the human experience, she electrifies you sonically, visually and physically. The only place to escape is the dance floor. She'll be dishing up a night dedicated to The Fever. With your good captain Florian, you can expect a high-energy evening with an eclectic mix of 70s, 80s, 90s, dance, disco, golden oldies, soul-train and pop sprinkled with a hint of the electronic and a huge dose of sass. Think Chic, Rick James, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Donna Summer and more. It's time to let all your ‘young hearts run free’.

Check out Florian's latest single 'Star-Crossed Lover' - H&J will be on the dance floor for this one, no doubt!!